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About us

At DELIUS we have produced books since 1995. To bring across knowledge in entertaining and visually enhancing ways while keeping the information up-to-date is our goal. We aim at engaging people without previous knowledge in any subjects — whether that be in art, history, religions or mathematics. 

Most books are aimed at the children and adults alike and invite the reader to thumb through them with the whole family. Furthermore, our books are useful reference books perfect for quickly finding answers to specific questions. 

Our books have been translated into 20 languages and have been sold 4.5 million times in 24 countries. 

Our Berlin office

Peter Delius Verlag GmbH & Co KG
Xantener Str. 5
10707 Berlin

Our agent Manuela Kerkhoff

Contact our agent Manuela Kerkhoff for rights in Germany, France, the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Scandinavia, Turkey, Russia and Latin America. 

Manuela Kerkhoff

International Licensing Agency
Gertrud-Baeumer-Strasse 9
72074 Tuebingen 

Tel +49 7071 855 036 7
Fax +49 7071 855 036 8
Mobile +49 176 220 760 44


Our agent Christopher Collier

Contact our agent Christopher Collier for rights in the UK, USA and other English-speaking territories, in Asia and all territories not covered by Manuela.

Christopher Collier

Collier International
19 White Lodge Court
Staines Road East
Sunbury-on-Thames, Sussex, UK
TW16 5GA

Tel +44 1932 770 123
Fax +44 1932 770 123
Mobile +44 771 197 17 62