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Cultural history

Books about cultural history are what we started with and what we're most passionate about. Whether it be history, art or religions — we have a keen eye for details and love finding the best way to impart complex information to readers with little previous knowledge. Have a look! 

Cover: Islam

Islam. Art and architecture

History, art and architecture of Islam from Spain to India, from the beginnings to today

Cover: Religions of the World

Religions of the World

What do Buddhists believe in? Which festivals do Muslims celebrate? Find out!

Cover: Ess Mythology

Essential Mythology

A pocket-sized overview of the world's mythologies — from the ancient Greek to the aborigines.

Cover: Ess History

Essential History

Essential history provides an overview of major developments in history in a pocket-sized format.

Cover: Ess Film

Essential Film

A richly illustrated history of film in a pocket-sized book — from silent movies to 3D blockbusters.

Cover: Ess Art EN

Essential Art

A richly illustrated, pocket-sized history of art — from the beginnings until today.

Cover: Ess Architecture

Essential Architecture

The history of architecture for your pocket — from Stonehenge to organic building.

Cover: Ess Bible

Essential Bible

This richly illustrated, pocket-sized volume contains over 500 pages of biblical lore.

Cover: Kompaktwissen Malerei

The Story of Painting

Art history and its masters from Giotto to Lichtenstein.

Cover: Kompaktwissen Architektur – Antike bis heute

The Story of Architecture

Architectural milestones from the pyramids to Aldo Rossi.

Cover: Kompaktwissen Architektur

The Story of 20th Century Architecture

Architectural milestones of modernity from Frank Lloyd Wright to Daniel Libeskind.

Cover: Kompaktwissen Philosophie

The Story of Philosophy

from antiquity to the present

Cover: Kompaktwissen Geschichte der Mode

The History of Fashion in the 20th century

Fashion trends and designers from the Golden Twenties to Grunge.

Cover: Kompaktwissen Weltreligionen

World religions

Hinduism, Buddhism, Religions of China and Japan, Judaism, Christianity, Islam.

Screen: Ultimate Timeline of World History

The Ultimate Timeline of World History

The entire world history in one clearly structured timeline

Cover: VH Hardcover

Visual History of the World

The history of the world, richly illustrated and easily comprehensible, all in one book.