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This coffee-table book offers extraordinary insights into the everyday life of chaotic supercities like Delhi or Kolkata, the religious rituals, traditions of the Dravidian natives in the South and the farmers in the lowlands around the rivers in the North. 

The images are accompanied by knowledgeable texts about the regions and compact subtitles. The introduction traces the changeful history of the country from the epoch of Indus culture, the empire of the Mogul and British colonialism until today, when the Republic of India is torn between a growing economy and extreme poverty. 

Portraits and essays examine key topics including the diverse Indian religions, the growing IT sector and the dream factory Bollywood. 


160 x 230 mm / 6.3 x 9.06 inch
512 pp
ca. 600 illustrations
Published 2008
Rights sold: Germany, France, Spain, India